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brings the unbanked into a safe e-Society.

A Safe and Fair Cashless society needs both Online as well as OFFLINE payment acceptence points EVERYWHERE for EVERYONE.

Payment solution providers today create Exclusion, due to high technology and infrastructure cost.

The ViA MiniPay ™ Solution is 100 times less expensive than traditional EFTPOS and POS devices.

The ViA MiniPay™ Solution truly creates a payment revolution due to the simple fact that it is AFFORDABLE. The Vendors do NOT NEED to pay anything for the ViA MiniPay device and there are NO MDR Fees.

There is NO COST for the User (Consumer), so it's simply better and safer than using cash.


NO NEED FOR Mobile Phone

The ViA MiniPay device does NOT NEED any mobilephone for accepting OFFLINE payments made with a ViAcard or any other card or device using a Smart Chip and the ViA OFFLINE Wallet.

The smallest street Vendor who may only sell fruit for $15 per day or less, does not have a mobile phone at all, can now accept electronic payments with the MiniPay device.


NO NEED FOR Internet

The MiniPay device is an OFFLINE solution, so there is NO NEED for any Internet connection when accepting a payment.

This means that the Vendor can have the ViA MiniPay device in his pocket and WHEREVER a payment from a ViAcard or any other Card is accepted which has the ViA OFFLINE WALLET - VOW implemented.


NO NEED FOR Electricity

The ViA MiniPay device operates with normal batteries. NO NEED for external power connection.

Even in the most remote locations, a secure payment can be accepted.

In case of disaster or a power-blackout, the Vendor can still accept an Electronic Payment.

People sitting in a park and everyone are using their mobile devices

If Everyone is 'Online' - Why go OFFLINE ?

As stated, the existing payment solutions offered in the market create EXCLUSION, especially in developing countries.
Few can afford a secure NFC enabled smartphone to use for payments.

Existing infrastructures with POS Terminals (card acceptence devices) is costly and can only be afforded by larger business owners, supermarkets and business who can defend such cost, including bank charges and cost to operate a POS device.

WHAT TO DO WHEN the internet or mobile networks DO NOT WORK or out of range?

When Disaster happens, how can we then use online, when there is no online?

Moreover, moving towards a cashless Society, we must have solutions which work ALL THE TIME ANYWHERE for EVERYONE.

If payment solutions cost money for the users or for the small vendors and are not available anywhere then the cashless initiative will not succeed.

The OFFLINE Payment solution ViA precents are first of all AFFORDABLE and in many aspects even more secure than an online payments, due to the fact that there is not possible to manipulate the payment even as it happens and more important there is no MDR fees. MDR is the charges a bank or payment device provider charges per transaction.

. . . More critical questions will be answered.


Within the traditional card industry the word 'Offline' is used to describe when a credit card is used at a POS device which is Offline for the time being.

If a device such as a POS or EFTPOS does not have an online connection the transaction cannot be completed. Online transactions take time. A card verification can take up to more than 10 seconds and in many cases, the card holder would stand with a long kueue of people behind, and feels embarressed that the payment does't happen.

Another vital argument is the cost for the infrastructure, the cost for the device and the cost for maintaining a bank relationship as a merchant, with attached MDR Fees. MDR is the Merchant Discount Rate paid as a 'commission' to the payment network provider (bank), which can vary from one to five percent (1.00 to 5.00 %).

When ViA talks about OFFLINE, we refer to true and real OFFLINE PAYMENTS made by a pre-loaded, secure OFFLINE WALLET on a card or device. At the time when the payment is made, there is NO connection to any other system, network or device.

OFFLINE POS it's FREE - No cost for the USER


  • It's FREE for the Users (consumers).

  • NO Sign-up fees or monthly Fees.

  • NO Transaction Fees.

  • It's FREE for the small Vendor.

  • The MiniPay device is FREE

  • NO MDR or Transactions Fees, only a very small Upload Fee.

ViA MiniPay Offline POS are Safe


Re-Engineering traditional Security method, the ViA MiniPay Solution is very secure.

  • Using Dual Processing Smart-Chip, as safe as your SIM card.

  • Wallet-PIN on micro transactions.

  • You lose your Card and still get the Balance back.

  • New Patented PKI structure for improved protection.

ViA Offline POS is FAST


  • Create INCLUSION.

  • Payment transaction is completed within 2 secounds.

  • Loyalty Services for the smallest Vendor and Business.

  • Data Mining Returns Value to Vendor and Consumer.

  • Makes for an e-Society with far less crime.

  • Donation Solution creates 100% Transparency.

KISS ViA MiniPay - Keep It Simple & Secure

The ViA MiniPay POS Device is a reengineering of what once was the normal way to improve what is.

Offline POS - ViA MiniPay POS Device India

The ViA MiniPay device is designed to keep the cost down to a minimum and is made for a mass market. When a User pays with a ViAcard, the Smart-Chip creates the ViA Secure Token (VOW Token) a digitally signed (PKI - Public Key Infrastructure) data record. Read more about PKI.

Using a digitally-signed record (VOW Token) means that, when it is stored in the MiniPay Device, the device DOES NOT NEED TO BE SECURE in the same way as an Online POS device.

A standard POS device, such as VeriFone, is engineered to be safe and tamper-protected. It's crucial for an Online POS to be protected for any kind of tampering due to the fact that the POS device creates the payment record. A secure Online POS device costs between US$ 200-500. The ViA MiniPay device does NOT create a payment record, the payment record, the VOW Token is made by the Smart-Chip. The cost for a MiniPay device is less than US$ 10 (dollars). Read More

The ViA MiniPay device will be made in different designs targeting different market segments. The ViA MiniPay will also be made for Donations, Transporation, Vending Machines, Piggy Bank and much more.

The newly patented solution, The ViA MiniPay™ Device (MPD) and its Eco Solution from the Swedish tech duo, Lars Olof Kanngard and Mats Engstrom, is the first (and only) in the world AFFORDABLE solution for accepting secure electronic payments OFFLINE. The ViA MiniPAY™ device does not require Mobile phone network (GSM) connection ● it does not require Internet ● and it does not require external power.

For more than 36 years, the Tech-Duo 'Kanngard & Engstrom' have developed, innovated and brought to the market many solutions which have become the norm.


- In the early 1970s, Lars Olof Kanngarded filed a patent application (Sweden) for a Radio Frequence Reflector tag for solving problems with shoplifting and bank robbery - known today as RFID.

Designs of ViA MiniPay Offline POS

CREATING SOLUTIONS for a Cashless Future.

The ViA MiniPAY device does not require Mobile phone network (GSM); it does not require Internet; and it does require external power.

The ViA MiniPAY™ solution is built upon a secure way of using NFC technology and a pre-paid ViA Wallet.

The ViA Wallet is a Smart Chip-based wallet on a ViA Card or integrated with any third party-issued Smart Chip card, wristband or any other Smart Chip device or integrated with a SIM card and an NFC-enabled mobile phone. (NFC stands for Near Frequent Communication, same as RFID). When the User pays, the ViA Card creates a secure digital token, which will then be stored in the ViA MiniPAY device. It is Pre-Paid; you load and then spend. It’s FREE for the user, no monthly or transaction charges. The ViA MiniPAY device was invented so that EVERY VENDOR or self-employed micro business can finally accept secure digital payments from a prepaid wallet without even having a mobile phone. For any vendor, street vendors selling vegetables, fruit, fish or any other Point of Commerce (POC) or the tricycle, motorbike or normal Taxi or Van for transportation can use the ViA MiniPAY device for fast and easy acceptance of digital payments including secure donations and tithing.


ViAcard 3D with Smart-Chip lifted up


The ViA Offline Wallet is truly a 'VOW!' It's a commitment to make your day-to-day pocket spending more secure, fast and convenient, just touch-and-go. And, Everywhere.

The ViA Offline Wallet (VOW) is made for every day spending, micro transaction in any small amount, and is not intended for larger values.

  • If you are smart, Trust Smart Chip Solutions. Dual Processor Smart Chip is a highly safe technology and well-established industry standard.

  • VOW is a software implemented within a dual processor smart-chip.

  • VOW keeps your current balance and also keeps track of each spending you have made, within its VOW Token Audit solution.

  • One of the security features is that you can set a Wallet-PIN for your small spending, a different pin-code from the Card-Pin itself.

If interested in knowing all about Smart Chip, we recomend you visit the following website, it will explain it all.
Read more about Smart Chip

Online Wallet vs OFFLINE WALLET - VOW

If 'that' doesn't work - ViA MiniPay Solution WORKS!

Online and OFFLINE WALLETS are both Pre-Loaded.

Pre-Loaded means that you have already topped-up or deposited money to the account or to the wallet you are using. There is an important difference between a 'normal' wallet and its provider and ViA. Many payment providers do not keep your wallet funds outside the corporate accounts, which can result in that your pre-paid amount can be lost if the company goes bankrupt.

The ViA VOW and the ViAcard solution is structured in such a way that when any user deposits money into the ViA Account, such funds are kept in an Escrow arrangement and NOT recorded as an asset in the company - it is the depositor's funds.

An traditional online wallet (mobile phone service) your money can be anywhere or somewhere else - with the ViA Offline Wallet (VOW) you have the money in your pocket safely.

The VOW is a wallet, and your money which you are carrying on the ViAcard or in the device is yours to use.

  • WORKS or does NOT WORK

    You may have a Mobile Wallet on your mobilephone, managed with a mobile APP, but it will NOT WORK if the GSM or network you are using is not reachable or does not work.

  • The OFFLINE WALLET ALWAYS WORKS and whatever happens with GSM or Internet, you can always make a payment.

  • RISK or NO Risk

    From a theoretical point of view, any technology always has risk factors, there is NO 100% security anywhere in the world. It's more a question of how big is the potential risk.

  • The Bad Guys' incentive

    The ViA MiniPay concept has limitations to minimize the risks. As stated, the ViA MiniPay concept is for your day-to-day spending, it is NOT for larger amounts.

    This will make the incentive extremely low for criminals to even try to manipulate or to hack . There is no money to be gained.

    When an Online service is hacked, it will impact millions of users across the world. If a hacker should hack a MiniPay device, he first needs access to the device, which means he must take it from each Vendor... not even possible.

  • A Mobilephone APP on an iPhone is always at risk.

  • iPhone vs Android

    As soon as software can be added by the user to a device, the RISK FACTOR always increases.

    An iPhone is, in general, more safe than an Andriod.

Who can be the USER - CONSUMER

Happy women with a ViAcard and a big smile dressed in violet

How to become a HAPPY ViA Card User

ANYONE can become a happy ViAcard user.

The ViA concept will be launched, country by country, region by region, with the mission to serve hundreds of millions of users, targeting the UNBANKED CONSUMERS.

The ViA concept can be operated by private partners or together with Governments.

ViA has also developed a solution for the housemaid or the children in the family so they also can become part of using cashless transactions. ViA TAB solution for Kids and Housemaids The ViA TAB is an extra service for the small shop in the block so that they can use the ViA MiniPay as a Safe-Keeper of credits given (Ledger) to their customers. There will be a variety of Value-Added Services offered to the Vendors or small shop in the block merchants so they can use a mobile App for communicating with customers.

It Coulden't be EASIER

Happy women with a ViAcard and a big smile dressed in violet

Get YOUR OWN ViAcard

As a User (Consumer), you will need to have a ViAcard or any other Card as long as it has the ViA Wallet (VOW) and is a Smart-Chip Card. It can be a branded (Visa or MasterCard) bank card, where the bank as the issuer has implemented the ViA Wallet solution into their cards.

The Smart-Chip and NFC technology can also be made into a wrist band, (see the picture to the left), as a payment device. The local Mobilephone operator may implement directly onto their SIM-card the ViA Offline Wallet software (VOW). The latter will requre that the mobilephone is NFC-enabled.

If you work in a company, the company may issue a corporate ID card with Smart-Chip and embed the ViA Wallet.

The country you live in may have a National ID card where the ViA Wallet can be implemented if such ID-card has a Smart-Chip and NFC.

Important to point out: The ViA solution is an OPEN solution for anyone in the market. The ViA WALLET is FREE and open for any card issuer to implement.

Co-branded ViAcard with Visa logo as illustration


    Any type of card can be accepted as long as the card has RFID.

  • ViA Contactless cards.

  • ViAcard - dual processor Smart-Chip with NFC.

  • Co-branded ViAcard with issuer who has implimented the ViA VOW Wallet.

  • ID-Card - National ID-Card with Smart-Chip and NFC.

  • Read more about Contactless

Wristband with smart-chip and NFC for Cashless Payments - ViA Wristband.


  • Simple as well as advanced Smart-Chips.

  • NFC or RFID.

  • Can as well ......

  • Disaster and Refuge Soluton......

Wristband with smart-chip and NFC for Cashless Payments - ViA Wristband.

Mobile With NFC / RFID

  • Any model of Mobile Phone or other device with NFC/RFID enabled.

  • With the ViA VOW implimented on its SIM card.

The FIVE Easy Stepts


Get Your ViAcard

Your first Viacard

Likely the ViAcard will find the way to YOU, so dont worry to look for it.

The best way to get a ViAcard is directly from your workplace as a ViAPAYROLL card.

You will also be able to find the ViAcard at any authoriced ViA Merchant or authoriced Partner.

  2.  Show your ID Card + Mobile Number.
  3.  ACTIVATE your ViA Card.
  4.  Make your first Top-UP so you get a value on to your VOW, the ViA Offline Wallet on the ViA Card.
  5.  Select your Wallet Pin

The VOW PIN (Wallet) is different from your CARD-PIN, suppose you do want to use the ViAcard r any other card you may have from an issuer, such as a bank.

 6.  Now you can start to Spend

Right Perspective of Acceptance Points


Going towards a Cashless e-Society, the old term for where you can pay a service or buy goods ought to be redefined to reflect the reality of the future. This is crucial for both the Government as well as it will suport the small business owner, the self employed or a device which accepts a payment or records a commercial transaction.

POC Piechart - Point Of Commerce - the ViA definition

The traditional POP, POS and EFTPOS defines either an area where a customer completes a transaction, such as a checkout counter, related area of a traditional shop and the POS. It is normally understood that a POS consists of both a Credit Card Terminal (also debit card or any other cards accepted by the merchant or the payment network) and a Cashier System, where the goods are recorded.

POC (Point Of Commerce) redefines the landscape for where an instance of commerce has taken place and includes ALL places where an electronic payment can be made and should be accepted.

The small street Vendor, the Motorbike Taxi, the Gardener even Vending Machine or a River Boat Bus or the man who sharpens your knives - all are COMMERCIAL POINTS, where secure electronic payments should be accepted.

Who can become a ViA VENDOR

Street Vendors Egypt - Offline POS

How to become a ViA VENDOR

Anyone who sells a Service or Product can become a ViA Vendor using the ViA MiniPay device.

A ViA Vendor can be any person or a registered small business entity.

The way to SIGN UP as a Vendor is SIMPLE and dosen't need any lengthy paper process. Either a ViA Agent or a ViA Merchant will handle the Registration - ON THE SPOT.

The Registrant ONLY needs to show their ID CARD, plus, give their Mobilephone number if available. The registration is made instantly and will record the location and type of products or services the Vendor offers.
Market Vendor India for ViA Offline POS
Tuck-Tuck TAXI using ViA MiniPAy Offline POS in a Cashless e-Society
The NEW Vendor will receive at the Registration :
  • A ViA (Vendor) Account, which is like a debit card account and can be managed Online or at a ViA Merchant location using the ViA eBM (POS) device or by using the ViA ONLINE APP.
  • A ViAcard, on the Spot.
  • A ViA MiniPay device, on the spot.

It should be pointed out that if a shop or a business such as a Restaurant with sales more than US$500 per day, ViA will likely adopt some kind of monthly fee.

Vendor in the street corner Egypt using the ViA MiniPay POS for Cashless payments.


Most payment solutions such as QR codes and mobile phone payment services charge a transaction Fee to the Merchant per transaction. If the customer has used a branded bank card, the Merchant will also need to pay a MDR FEE to the network provider or the bank.


What is the COST for the VENDOR

There is NO SIGN-UP FEE for the Vendor and the ViA MiniPay device is FREE. There are NO MONTHLY FEEs or ANUAL FEEs to get the ViA Online Account.

When you as the Vendor ACCEPT a payment from a ViAcard or any other device or other card which has a ViA OFFLINE WALLET (VOW), each time a payment is made, the Card CREATES a VOW Token.

The ViA MiniPay device STORES the VOW Tokens. At any time of the day, or a few times per week, the Vendor wants to move their Sales (money) into their ViA Account.

The VOW Tokens, regardless of how many tokens are stored, first need to be Uploaded from the MiniPay device, to the ViA backend system for validation and credited to the Vendor's ViA Account.

There is ONLY a very SMALL UPLOAD FEE. . The Upload Fee normally is no more than 15 cents (US$ 0.15) per Upload and never more than 0.5%.

A ViA Token can have any value, from the smallest denomination in each country up to the level of what ViA will set as a MAX-Value per Token.

In the table, you can see the ONLY Cost the Vendor will pay. The Cost is paid ONLY when the Vendor UPLOADS the stored ViA Tokens (stored in the ViA MiniPay device) which the Vendor may Upload once per day or a few times per week.

ViA Vendors Upload Cost calculation using the ViA MiniPay and ViAcard
If the Vendor for a day have one or more VOW Tokens and the total amount for those token is just a small amount, ViA will never charge more than 0.5% a half percent. Micro charges for ViA Vendors UPLOAD Cost per bulk upload

Upload and manage The VOW TOKEN

Offline POS - ViA MiniPay device

VOW Tokens being uploaded

This is only an illustration:

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 22:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

20180301-17:56 | 23:25 | MID-AE365 |PK 4654

The VOW Tokens are validated and the Money will be awailable at the Vendors ViA Account - Instantly.

Arrow pointing down to a ViA CArd

How the Vendor GET'S THE MONEY

After a day of commerce, the Vendor needs to UPLOAD the stored VOW Tokens from the ViA MiniPay device to the ViA Account.

A TOKEN is an electronic data record holding the amount of money paid for each Sale's instance. The Token is designated ONLY to the recipient Vendor and the amount will be credited to the Vendor's ViA Account, after the VOW Token has been Uploaded to the ViA Backend System for Validation. (ViA NET)

The Vendor has many options to UPLOAD his stored Tokens:

  • ViA Agent visits the Vendor regulary or as agreed.
  • Vendor visits an AUTHORIZED OUTLET.

    Authorized location has a ViA eBM (POS) online device or any other POS device with the VOW UPLOAD Software.

  • Connects the ViA MiniPay device to a Mobilephone by cable or NFC.
  • The way to connect ViA MiniPay POS:
    • Cable connection to an online device.
    • NFC communication to an UPLOAD device such as an eBM or POS or, in the future, ATM with NFC features.
    • Moving the VOW Token from the MiniPay Device to an NFC memory card and later transferring the Tokens.
    • Call the ViAcard Callcenter and read out loud the VOW Tokens by your voice or use an IVR and key in the tokens.
  • VOW UPLOAD KIOSKS, depending on location and the Country, ViA may deploy a KIOS version for Uploading the VOW Token. This can be a practical solution for Market places, so that the Vendor at any time can go and Upload the stored VOW Token.
  • ViA plans to deploy one version of the ViA MiniPay device where an extra communication chip will be added, so called LPWAN, same as used for SMART CITY. That added feature will allow transfering the VOW Tokens by using the very slow LPWAN after each transaction has been made.
The ViA Account has a ViAcard for online usage as well as Offline. The Vendor can go to a shop and use the card for normal card purchases or go to an ATM and take out Cash.
ViA Card from front with Smart Chip.
The ViA Merchants who operate the ViA eBM device, such device are primarily Online, if needed can accept Offline transactions when there is no communication available.
The ViA Merchant can accept CASH-OUT using a ViAcard.

Two basic conditions (1) The Merchant where you plan to make a 'Cash-Out" request need to have such cash at hand.

And (2) local regulation would restrict Cash-Out transactions


As explained earlier in section: 'KISS ViA MiniPay - Keep It Simple & Secure' The VOW Token is Digitally Signed. That means that the Token can be read in plain text and numbers but the 'DATA RECORD' cannot be changed, altered, tampered with or changed at all. If any change is made, the 'Signature' will no longer match the 'Data Record' resulting in an invalid Token.

...You could say that a digital Token in one way is like a Bit Coin, but only to the fact that both are an electronic Record.

SO THE ANSWER IS SIMPLE - The VOW TOKEN is absolutely SAFE and as the Token is SAFE it can be stored or communicated in any unprotected manner or by any means and still be SAFE. Thats true re-engienering on what was to what now is - ViA MiniPay Solution.

Think about a VOW Token as a 'money' addressed to a designated Vendor.So, if you were to write down a VOW Token data-record on a paice of paper, put the paper in your pocket, and lose it, you don't need to worry. Anyone who finds your paper-note and enters that VOW Token to the ViA NET system, the money still will be received by the designated Vendor.

How and WHERE to use the ViAcard

A ViAcard is like any other 'debit' card. You can use it in any shop which accepts card payments and you can also use the ViAcard when you buy things on the internet.

When you have money in your ViA Account, you can, from an authorized terminal such as the ViA eBM, transfer money to your VOW for Offline payments.

Governments kept BLINDFOLDED

Can Governments Remain Blindfolded in an e-Society

Here are just a few points to keep in mind when we talk about going towards a cashless society which are crucial for a Government.

  • Micro Econimic Perspective

    There is or should we rather say, to now it has been impossibal for Governments to have a clear insight into the Microeconomy its its Country, due to the fact that most of small business owners, smaller merchants and street Vendors and those who provide HOME-Services such as a gardener, windowcleaner etc, prefer to get their services or gods paid by cash.

  • Value Added Tax (VAT) or Business Tax

  • Top-Up or buying a voucher to FILLUP your Mobile or Online Account (Wallet) is seen as a Monetary transaction, so there is no VAT added to the amount.

    The Government would need to relay on the operaters willingness to provide prudent information, so that sales taxes or VAT can be paid as per each countries rules.

  • Taxes for 3% of the business or?

    In many countries, the corporate world always complaining on high taxes. In some countries it can be so 'bad' that only a few % is paing taxes and the majority of businesses dont pay any taxes.

    With a solution which reaches the LAST MILE, which actually is nearly FREE and gives a lot of benefits, its easy for a Government to impose a symbolic 'Commersial' tax on only a few percentage, say as low as 4 to 5% and as a result recive very large tax revenues from the largest economy in its country.

On one hand, Governments are struggling with not only the cost of maintaining a national currency, but also the fact that cash facilitates tax avoidance and illegal activities. Lost revenues from tax avoidance are significant as is the cost of crime.

On the other hand, a vendor who is not paying for payment processing today or who is avoiding tax by being under the radar is unwillingi to carry that cost by going cashless.

This is a dilemma that is faced across the world and as of today no one has found a solution that satisfies everyone.

So inevitably there needs to be some compromise which is difficult within the models provided by banks, telcos and payment processors. They continue to follow tradition and an outdated banking model.

The largest hurdel and the root for not being able to solve these basic 'problems' is the high cost of infrastructure. The cost to provide a secure payment terminal, device or as it is called a POS device and operate a TRADITIONAL payment network, is actually outdated.

The ViA MiniPay and the ViA Model has turned traditional model upside-down and with an Affordable device, (Free for the Vendors) the MiniPay device making it possible to create the largest payment acceptence network in the world.

ViA’s reverse revenue model addresses this issue directly by looking at the problem from the consumer end.

Today a merchant will typically pass on the processing fee called the merchant discount rate or MDR (anywhere from 1- 3% of a transaction) to the consumer.

ViA however doesn't charge an MDR and, for most transactions a consumer undertakes on a ViA wallet, the service is free.

In lieu, ViA earns revenues from Value-Added Services and revenue participation with wholesale providers of goods and services.

Our model is significantly more cost effective for the merchant and also much safer. We work closely with Governments in distributing welfare and automating payments in an e-Government environment.

We also encourage Governments to lessen the burden of tax for those who participate in the systems. After all, some tax is better than none and a system that is capturing all of the data is more efficiently managed.

The ViA Model and the new innovation the ViA MiniPay opens up a totally new perspective, which results in 100% INCLUSION.


Survivers of a DISASTER

  • No access to Money - Results in Price-hiking

    When the DISASTER is a reality and no communication is working, that's the time when others take advantage of.

  • Earthquakes - Flooding - Hurricanes

    It should be mandatory to have an OFFLINE solution in any area where disasters will happen, sooner or later.

  • OFFLINE WALLET ALWAYS WORKS and whatever happens with GSM or Internet, you can always make a payment.

  • In regions where bad weather is a way of life, local Government should implement OFFLINE solutions.



Click on the text and it will stop.

Thoughts 'valuable' to be shared.

There is so many argument which clearly make a CASHLESS so society so much better, if the way we did payments are being re-engineered and creates INCENTIVES and adopt an AFFORDABLE solution where EVERYONE becomes a WINNER ViA a better way.



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